Nineacres Memorial Campsite, Crook-of-Devon
Activity Hall

An indoor Activity Hall is available for hire.
Food Preparation Area

An indoor food preparation area is located on site with a water supply, large wood burning range.
The Bothy

A bothy is available for hire which is fitted out with Alpine style Bunks and can sleep approximately 18.
Toilet Block

The Toilet Block has recently been upgraded with the installation of automatic lighting in both the Ladies and Gents Toilets. Work will also begin shortly on the installation of the long awaited showers. Soap, Paper Towels and Toilet Paper are supplied along with cleaning materials.

New - We are currently in the process of completing the installation of electricity into all the buildings on site. This will provide lighting both inside and outside of the buildings as well as providing the facility to use light electrical items e.g. phone chargers, laptops, projectors etc.